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Throughout the year, EBE hosts a variety of panels on campus to engage students in discussions of ethical practices in business. In the past, we have hosted panels on topics ranging from corporate sustainability and responsibility to the intersection of healthcare and business. 


Education Series

EBE members seek to become more knowledgeable on the role of ethics in various industries. Additionally, we also strive to educate others in the broader Emory community on this topic. In order to accomplish these goals, EBE members work together to present our weekly Education Series: a presentation focused on the role of ethics in a current issue or an area of interest. Up to the present, EBE has presented ethical topics covering a variety of areas, from Vaping to Alternative Meats.  


Ethics Bowl

An ethics bowl is a competition in which students discuss real-life ethical issues in a competitive and collaborative environment. In the past, EBE wanted to host a case competition, but felt an ethics bowl would promote more dialogue between students. During the competition, teams take turns discussing current ethical issues and responding to questions from judges. The ethics bowl also promotes civil engagement, ethical awareness, and critical thinking.  


Other Events

EBE hosts in various events throughout the year. At the end of November, Emory Business Ethics had partnered up with SunTrust and other organizations on campus to host an event to enhance financial literacy among students and Atlanta's refugee entrepreneurs population.